A Billion Dollars To Spend

Clay target athletes have tremendous buying power, especially when compared with the average hunter

The average clay target athlete spends twice as much on retail expenditures related to the sport. More specifically, clay target athletes spend nearly three times as much on firearms and ammunition and buy 1.13 firearms each year on average. The average hunter purchases just .37 firearms per year.

Rob Johansen, CEO SKB Shotguns

Owner and CEO of SKB Shotguns Rob Johansen says the League has been a “godsend” to the shotgun industry.

“It’s easy to understand just how important the League is to the firearm and shooting sport industry as a whole,” Johansen says. “This year the League had over 34,000 participants. That number alone represents tens of millions of dollars of industry spending on shotguns, shooting vests, safety equipment, and tens of millions of rounds of ammunition.”

But the economic impact doesn’t stop there.

When the USA Clay Target League reaches 100,000 participants nationwide in 2025, the athletes will have had an economic impact of over $1,000,000,000.

In 2025 alone, League athletes will buy over 100,000 firearms - in fact, they'll account for over 17% of all shotguns sold in the US.

They'll also shoot 139,000,000 rounds of ammunition, and spend additional millions more on equipment like hearing protection, safety glasses, and shooting apparel.

With the industry's help, the League can guide, encourage, and grow the next generation of shooting sports enthusiasts.